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Recover Files After Formatting Hard Drive on Mac OS

"Yesterday, while transferring some files on my Mac Machine I encountered an abrupt system shutdown due to some hardware problem and afterwards when I started my Mac system it displays "operating system not found" as an error message. As a result I had formatted and reinstall the operating system on my hard drive. This results on severe data loss on my Mac Machine. As I never bother to keep any backup files for my data, now I don't know how to recover files after formatting hard drive on Mac."

Is this situation sounds similar to you? If yes, then do not upset and keep yourself calm. You can easily recover files from formatted hard drives by the help of Recover Mac software which is one of the best recovery tools to handle such situation. So whenever you encounter data loss due to formatting or reformatting of hard drive in Mac system then you must make a use of this proficient software as soon as possible.

Some of the factors which are responsible for data loss in Mac systems are:

  • User Mistakes: User mistakes like accidental deletion of operating system related files which are stored on logical drive, emptying Trash folder, interrupting while upgrading OS files, formatting of logical drive and accidental deletion of files that makes you to lose your important data stored on Mac hard drives easily.
  • Bad Sectors on Hard Drives: Bad sectors refer to those sectors of hard drive which are not accessible by the user. If any of the data lies in such sectors, that particular data do not responds to user request and hence loses its accessibility.
  • Catalog File Corruption: In Mac, each volume contains files, file directories, file threads, and directory threads. The information is getting stored in the form of catalog file which is in the form of B tree. Once this catalog file is corrupted, it unable to access directories or folders stored on that volume and lead to loss of files.

Data loss in Mac System is pretty much common just because of above mentioned scenarios. It doesn't matter how you have lost your data on Mac hard drive, you can easily recover them by using this tool without affecting other data that are stored on that particular drive. If you come across any of such data loss scenarios and you would like to retrieve files from formatted hard drive on Mac system then you must make a use of this software. Demo version of this tool is also available for analyzing its performance in recovering data on Mac system. It facilitates feature to preview recovered data in Data Type and File Type View formats. When you get satisfied with the results from the demo version then you can buy activation key to activate full version of this software and save your precious data to any storage devices.

Some of the outstanding and reliable features of this software are:

  • It can efficiently restore accidentally deleted data from trash within few easy steps.
  • It can recovers lost photos from SD card and office files like Excel Sheets, PPT files, MOV files, and other documents on Mac PC.
  • This tool is also useful for recovering data from memory cards, iPod, external hard drives and memory sticks on Mac system.
  • Recovering of files from HFSX, HFS+, FAT32 and FAT16 formatted partitions / volumes become pretty much easy.
  • This software is highly compatible to recover files after formatting hard drive on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and all the other versions.

Download Recover Mac software


Follow the steps given below to install the software , and recover all your deleted files with ease.


Step 1: Firstly, Download and Install Recover Mac software on your Mac based system.Start Recover Mac software by clicking on the desktop icon or by selecting the application from the Programs list. The main screen of the software pops up as shown in Figure a.


How to Recover Files after Formatting Hard Drive on Mac - Main Window

Figure a : Main window


Step 2: The different drives and volumes that are connected to the system get displayed as shown in Figure b. Choose the volume on which you want to perform data recovery, and then click on the Recover button.


How to Recover Files after Formatting Hard Drive on Mac - Select Volume

Figure b : Select volume


Step 3: Clicking the Recover button, will open a new window which lists out all the different file types that can be recovered. You can select specifically choose the file type that you wish to recover, or alternatively click on the Select All button, to select all the file types, as shown in Figure c.


How to Recover Files after Formatting Hard Drive on Mac - Select file type

Figure c : Select file type


Step 4: After you select the file types that you want to recover, click on the Next button. Clicking the Next button, starts the scanning process. The selected volume is scanned for lost/deleted files, and once the scanning is complete, the found files and folders are listed out in a tree format as shown in Figure d.


How to Recover Files after Formatting Hard Drive on Mac - Found files and folders

Figure d : Found files and folders


Step 5: Once the tree structure has been formed, the next step is to save the recovered data onto a safe location. Select the files that you want to save, or click on the Root folder if you want to select all the files. Next, click the Save button.

Clicking the Save button opens a new window that lets you select the destination drive,where the recovered data is to be saved. Select the destination drive where you want to save the recovered data, and click on the Save button.


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For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users
For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users
Download Recover Mac software Download Recover Mac software