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How to Recover Photos from iPhoto?

Mac has always been the favorite among photography enthusiasts due to the fact that it provides the user applications like iPhoto which is a photo library dedicated towards easy editing, organizing and sharing of photos. IPhoto is an application that comes with Mac Operating system which is a standard part of Apple computers. Many users prefer to download the images captured on their digital camera onto the Mac machine and using iPhoto application for viewing and editing the photos. iPhoto maintains a separate copy of the downloaded photos and hence loss of photos due to corruption of the iPhoto application is very unlikely.


However, the photos downloaded onto the Mac machine could get deleted if the user imports the photos into iPhoto library and deletes the original folder containing the photos, there could be chances when the photos can get deleted. This could also happen when a digital camera is connected and is synchronized with iPhoto library. If the photos are transferred directly to the library, accidental deletion of the photos in the library could result in loss of photos. However, these photos can be recovered provided the iPhoto application is not used any further.


Using the application any further could result in permanent loss of the photos and hence it is always better to download a good iPhoto recovery software to recover the deleted photos. A good iPhoto recovery tool can fix the issue and recover Mac photos.


Recover Mac software lets you restore Mac iPhoto library easily and recover the deleted photos. The software lets you preview the recovered images which help you evaluate the recovery results.

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Follow the Steps Given Below to Recover Photos from iPhoto on Mac OS X:


Step 1:Download and install Recover Mac Software. Launch the software by selecting it from application folder. The Main Windows gets displayed. Select the "Recover Photos" option from the three options that are available. On clicking this option, a new window opens where you need to select "Recover Lost Photos" option as shown in Figure a


Main Window

Figure a : Main window


Step 2:Once you click the "Recover Lost Photos" option, the different drives and volumes that are connected to the machine are displayed. Select the volume from which you want to recover deleted photos and click on the "Next" button as shown Figure b.


Select drive

Figure b : Select Drive


Step 3: On clicking the "Next" button, the software displays a window where you can select the file types you want to recover as shown in Figure c. Once you select the file types, click "Next" button.


Select appropriate option

Figure c : Select appropriate File Type


Step 4: Once you click on "Next" the software scans the selected volume and then displays all the found files in the form of a tree structure as shown in Figure d. You can now click the "Save" button and select the destination folder where you want to save your recovered photos.


Select volume

Figure d : Found Files and Folders



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For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users
For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users
Download Recover Mac software Download Recover Mac software