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Troubleshooting Boot Camp issues on Mac

The Boot Camp is a software that can be used for installing and running compatible versions of Windows Operating system on Intel based Mac computers by making use of dual boot configuration. The latest version of Boot Camp supports various features, some of which have been mentioned below,


  • The Boot Camp software lets the user make use of the command line utility to change the startup disk selection of Mac that is running Windows. This feature is only available, if the user logs in as Administrator.
  • Boot Camp lets users to read files stored on the Mac partition, when they are running Windows.
  • The user can also copy files from the Mac partition to the Windows and vice versa using Boot Camp.
  • Boot Camp also lets the user to tap the trackpad to click the mouse instead of the user having to click the mouse keys present on the Mac book.


Despite such advanced support, there are some issues related to Boot Camp software, that could result in loss of data from your hard drive. The data loss mainly occurs when the user runs Windows for the first time on Mac. When the user runs Windows for the first time, he has an option to re-partition his hard drive. But the hard drive to be re-partitioned needs to satisfy certain minimum requirements which are given below,


  • The hard drive should have a minimum of 5GB of free hard disk space for Windows to be installed. The free disk space should be 15 GB in case of Windows Vista.
  • A copy of the latest Intel hardware and firmware.
  • Considerable amount of disk space for Boot camp to be installed.

If the above given requirements are not satisfied, or if there are some errors with the file system, data loss is bound to occur in the form of probable corruption to existing Mac volume structure. In such critical scenarios it is best to avoid unnecessary usage of the affected drive, and make use of a trustworthy Mac Recovery tool to recover boot camp partition data. Recover Mac software is a proficient Mac data recovery tool, that ensures complete recovery of all your lost data. This non-destructive Read-Only software makes sure that it can recover boot camp partition data without causing damage to the unaffected volumes on your Mac.


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