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Ways to overcome Time Machine issues on Mac

Time Machine is a backup tool provided by Mac, for extensive backup of all the data on your Mac including files, photos, music, videos, application folders, system files etc. This tool is of great help if made use in the appropriate manner, since it not only keeps a backup copy of all your Mac data, but also lets you go back in time and get an idea of how your desktop looked on a particular date. This helps the user track his lost data based on the date.


There are however times, when Time Machine fails to backup your data, or is unable to complete the backup process due to various reasons. In such scenarios, the Time Machine utility displays an alert message as shown below,


Time Machine Error - Screenshot


The error might be due to various reasons, some of which are given below,


  • Error during copying of files for backup.
  • Non availability of volumes to backup.
  • Making use of AirPort Extreme which is not compatible with Time Machine.
  • Unable to load the volume whose backup has been taken.
  • Unable to configure Time Machine.


These errors can be identified by clicking the "i" in red color, which displays the type of error, and the information related to the error. The errors that show up can sometimes be resolved by using methods like updating the software, restarting Time Machine or searching for the files whose backup has been taken in the location where Time Machine stores them. However, if the data has not been backed up, and cannot be found in its original location, it is likely that the data has got lost during the backup process. In such cases it is best to make use of a Mac Recovery software to recover Mac hard drive. Recover Macintosh software lets you recover all types of lost data from both HFS+ and HFSX volumes on Mac with ease.



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